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About Us

Cannaxa is a B2B platform for companies conducting business in the cannabis industry. We bring businesses and service providers together in an environment that foster mutual growth.

The cannabis industry has been experiencing rapid growth with large number of players entering the market on a regular basis. It is our mission to provide a community platform to serve this fragmented market where businesses can easily find the right professionals to help them grow.

Whether your company needs a formulator to develop a new product, a manufacturer to produce a proven concept or a distributor to get your products on the shelves, Cannaxa can help you find the best resources that you need.

As a service provider, you can sign up to be a part of our network where you will receive business leads as customers seek for your expertise.

Be part of the community by signing up today and get inspired, discover new products and book new sales.

Cannaxa is a brand of UA Multimedia, Inc.   www.uammedia.com